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New!! for December 2020 - the first in a series of 4 Musical First Fairy Tales - with a fabulous activity pack including puppets to make your own show with.

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Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Musical first fairy tales and activity pack for young children 

A wonderful creative gift for hours of entertainment 

and imaginative play for young children!

What you get ?

For the pre-xmas price of £4.99 you get:

The story beautifully told with music -   an enchanting musical telling of the tale with original music and sounds by Rachel Miller. Digital download

'My children listened over and over to the story’  parent of children aged 3 and 5 years old

'Storytelling at its finest" Barbicn Theatre, Plymouth

Puppets to cut out and make your own show with - beautifully designed by children’s illustrator and puppeteer - Joanna White

'My daughter spent hours and hours playing with the puppets and fitting them in the cleverly designed slots in the chairs and beds '  parent of child aged 4 in reception class” 

Make your own story book - the script of the story to print in book form to make your own book of Goldilocks and the Three Bears - with your own illustrations!

Colouring sheets - for colouring, cutting and making stickers - illustrations for the story book with all the characters in the story.

Music for a puppet show - music tracks from the story with ideas for music making

All for pre-xmas price of : £4.99 -

Usual price is £6.99

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Coming soon..... 3 more stories - The Elves and the Shoemaker, The Princess and the Frog and The Three Pigs  

Other CD's for children:

‘The Silly Monkeys and Other Fables’ is a delightful collection of ancient Indian fables known as the Jataka Tales - which on this audio Cd/download are brought to life with music.

‘These stories are beautifully brought to life for parents and children alike’ Apples and Snakes - UK’s leading organisation for spoken word and performance poetry.

‘ This Cd is of real benefit in primary schools’ Jonathan Marshall, MBE Plymouth Centre of Faith and Diversity

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To Buy: please email me for either download or printed CD £10 plus PP

For Older Children ( 8+) and Adults:

 Audio story download

Baba Yaga -a fiery, soulful and powerful telling of the classic Russian tale of a young girls journey to get fire from Baba Yaga. 

As both a professional musician and storyteller she weaves together sound, music and words creating a rich and atmospheric word.

Storytelling at its finest Barbican Theatre

 'a delight - a delicious fusing of words, music and sound-effectsMatt Harvey, Poet, BBC Radio 4 

'A mesmerising storyteller - creating a rich and atmospheric world'  Resonance Radio, London 

Baba Yaga is often referred to as a witch - but her imagery is more of a powerful force of nature - the day and night belong to her and this story is all about how to relate to her power - a relevant tale for this age of environmental crisis.

BUY: if of interest please email me. Option of download or CD  £10 plus pp

Rachel Miller is a musician, composer and storyteller. She has toured nationally for many years as storyteller and musician for one of UK's leading Puppet Theatre companies - PuppetCraft.  She also works as a solo storyteller integrating music and stoytelling and is recognised for work which is original and spellbinding. In 2015 her CD -The Silly Monkies for children was bought by Plymouth Centre for Faith and Diversity for every primary school in Plymouth as part of their curriculum support material.

She is an active music educator and works with all ages from early years to adults.

Previous projects included an exciting opportunity to work as musical director and composer for PuppetCraft's new show 'Monkey!' - written specifically for the company by poet Michael Rosen ( Children's Laureate 2007 - 2009)

She has worked and performed with puppet craft for over 15 years - as musician, composer and storyteller.

Solo Shows:  She has several different shows - some for adults and some specifically for children. 

For Adults ( and children 7+). Shows 40 - 50 minutes.

Baba Yaga - a fiery, powerful and mesmerising Russian tale of a young girls journey to get fire from with Baba Yaga 

Selkie - a soulful tale of love, loss and yearning. A classic Celtic and Inuit myth of a seal woman who has her seal-skin stolen by a lonely hunter.

Descent of Innana - an ancient Sumerian tale and one of the oldest stories ever recorded. A tale of descent into the underworld, transformation and return.

Children of Lir - a classic tragic celtic tale about children transformed into swans 

The Lifestory of Princess Mandarava - a classic tale from the Tibetan life-story tradition. Princess Mandarava is a great scholar who does not wish to be married but wishes to follow her own path of truth.

 The Silly Monkeys - A storytelling performance of 6 Jataka Tales - heartwarming, humorous and wise animal tales. see

She also runs interactive music and storytelling workshops for children.

  For more info see