Rachel has written many Soundtracks for theatre. She particularly loves writing music for storytelling and puppetry.

Previous soundtracks include:

For PuppetCraft - see


The Mousehole Cat

Nobody Rides the Unicorn

Circle of Tales

For AngelHeart Theatre - see

Malina's Dream

The Voyage of Nutjellynana

Mazymeg and the Honeybees

Oshima and the Big Sea

Cirkus - an easter European circus show

and Freya - a Viking Adventure

'I went to see Nobody Rides the Unicorn today at Albany Theatre in Deptford and just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your soundtrack. I am a composer myself - so fully appreciated the textures and atmospheres you create - it was truly magical'

Adam Walters

She has also worked with schools on short projects - developing a soundtrack story CD with children.

Schools soundtrack - a schools arts project working with key stage 1 children in developing and recording the music for a soundtrack for an inter-schools dance festival. 

'the soundtrack was superb and utterly mesmerising - an inspiring experience for the children' South Dartmoor Academy Dance Festival 2014